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Legal Nurse Consultants (LNC) improve attorney’s outcomes and assist in their success through expertly evaluating and concisely explaining the injuries sustained and treatment given, as well as the impact of the injury on the client’s life. You, the attorney, will save time and money while gaining a full understanding of the medical issues of your case, in a professionally prepared summary. more…

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08/23/2017 01:00 AM
Candida auris

Candida auris: a type of yeast that is often resistant to many antifungal medications that has been reported to cause severe illness in hospitalized patients. Risk factors for the infection include long stay in an intensive care unit, a central venous catheter placed in a large vein, a weakened immune system, or previously treatment with antibiotics or antifungal medications. Types of infections known to be caused by C. auris include bloodstream infections, wound infections, and ear infections. The mechanism of spread of the fungus is not clear, but spread in the healthcare setting is likely. Specialized laboratory testing is needed to properly identify C. auris.

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